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Everything you will need for this unit can be found below.

Treasure Island Vocabulary Go here to find the vocabulary sheets.

Pirate Articles Go here to find all the articles that we read (or are assigned) in class

Assignments Go here to get the assignments.

Portfolio Go here to see an explanation of everything you need in your Treasure Island Portfolio

Final Projects Directions for the final project choices.

Text and Story Resources:

Treasure Island .pdf Forget your book? Here is the entire book on line. Read it right on your computer screen, flash drive, or other portable reader.

Treasure Island, on Google Books. Yes, you CAN read the whole thing here. You'll have to just scroll through the first five or six pages to get to the beginning.

A sweet graphic novel version of Treasure Island.

Spark Notes Summary and Analysis: This is a great link to help anyone that might be struggling with the reading. Treasure Island was written a long time ago. And the author, uses some vocabulary that may be new to you. All this might make comprehending this story difficult. This site will help you.

Audio and Slide Chapters. Follow the links below to listen to Mr. Wondra read the chapters that we do not read in class. You will also see a slide show of pictures that go along with the story. I've broken these sections down by part because then it takes much less time for each page to load.

Treasure Island mp3's The entire Treasure Island audio book, broken down by chapter. So you can listen to the whole thing as you read. Taking a trip? Want to download these chapters to your iPod or MP3 player? Come see me.

Unit Design:

Treasure Island Unit Design Go here to review information about the instructional design of this unit.