treasure-Island.jpgAudio and Slide Chapters via Voice Thread

Part 1 The Old Buccaneer

This page includes the chapters from Part 1 that we don't read in class--2, 4, and 6. I didn't include all on one page because doing it this way takes less time for each page to load. If you are looking for a chapter from a different part, just go back to the Treasure Island Home Page and find what you need under the "Audio and Slide Chapters" heading.

As you look below to choose the chapter you'd like to listen to, if you click the link, you'll open up a new page with bigger pictures of the slides. Or you can play the Voice Thread right here. Just scroll down to find the one you need. Remember, it is important that you READ ALONG WITH ME--word for word. Your responsibility is to read the chapters--not just listen. Maybe I'm not the best reader in the world. I stumble a bit to sometimes. All readers do. But you reading along will do two things: 1) make you a better reader, and 2) help you remember what happened in the story.

Okay, here we go! Grab your book and let's hunt for treasure!

Chapter 2 Voice Thread Black Dog Appears and Disappears

Chapter 4 Voice Thread The Sea Chest

Chapter 6 Voice Thread The Captain's Papers

To listen to Part 2 (chapters 8, 10, and 12) just follow this link: Part 2 The Sea Cook